A Digital Dialogue

Listening to technology

The final piece of a trio of projects that started with a completely handmade book arts sculpture and progressed to working on and off the computer in Process Book. Each was an exploration of how technology influences form; first by being absent, then by being used in alternation with hand processes, and finally as a kind of raw material.

Here, the last step was to work exclusively with the computer. I began with the hypothesis that the cycle of listening and expression that occurs when working with a tangible material could be achieved with a computer. My goal was to respond to the computer as I would to a piece of paper bending back and forth in my hands. As I designed each poster, I paid attention to how things were cropped when I zoomed in and out, slivers of the desktop visible when multiple windows were open, pixellation, and bars of greeked text. These all became formal cues for the poster design. The design required simultaneous visual engagement with the work and awareness of the process of seeing and working with technology.

Independent thesis project